From design to final shot

FX breakdown for a dream sequence in “All That Remains” in which Takashi comes face to face with the atom bomb that destroyed Nagasaki.

These last couple of weeks, our main focus in the edit room has been FX work – turning concept art into convincing special effect shots and recreating iconic scenes from archive photos, for our feature project, All That Remains.

Most of the “digital set pieces” are a mix of photographic, live action and 3D elements created in Smith Micro’s Poser and landscape generator Vue from Eon Software.

In Vue, a 3D model of “Fat Man” – The atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki, is prepared for rendering.

All the elements for each shot were composited in PhotoShop, the shots were then taken into Adobe After Effects for coloring and final blending of all the elements.

For the shot illustrated above, we worked from an archive photo and built up the atom bombed landscape using a mixture of photographic material and 3D renders. Actor Leo Ashizawa was filmed in the greenscreen studio and superimposed into the scene to recreate an iconic photo of Dr. Nagai.

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