All That Remains production update

ATR edit

All That Remains in the edit suite

It’s been a while since we’ve had chance to post any kind of updates on our current feature project, All That Remains, so we thought we’d grab a few moments to do just that…

It’s been a very intense few months, editing and generating the necessary Special Effects shots. However having spent so much time in the edit suite, it was getting to the point where we could no longer see the woods for the trees. We were also risking creative burn out.

So we took a couple of weeks off from the project, turning our attention instead to client work and to developing a couple of other projects, one of which we’ll be looking to push into production next year.

It’s incredible how much of a fresh perspective this change of scenery gave us when we fired the edit back up and watched through it again. Suddenly we became aware of changes that needed to be made here and there or things that could be cut or added in places.

We then held some further test screenings for the purpose of feedback and are currently making final adjustments based on all these new perspectives.

A big thanks to everyone who has been so patient.