26 Martyrs: pre-order your copy now!

26 Martyrs

26 Martyrs – Animated short

Our animated short 26 Martyrs is now available for pre-order online, via VOD (video on demand) over at Reelhouse – an online video distribution platform for independent film-makers.

26 Martyrs tells the story of how 26 men and boys were condemned to be crucified in Nagasaki by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the absolute ruler of Japan in 1597.

Fr. Paul Glynn, author of A Song For Nagasaki, had this to say about our film, “An heroic saga that stirs hearts”.

The short is a kind of prequel to our feature project, All That Remains, as the story of the martyrs had a profound effect on our main character, Takashi Nagai.

26 Martyrs

26 Martyrs

VOD has been an area we have been keen to explore for some time and we’re excited to now finally have the chance, so head over to our corner at Reelhouse and check it out for yourself, better yet, place a pre-order for your copy of 26 Martyrs!

You can also check out an extra short film The Yellow River, for free!

The Yellow River

If you pledged $40 or more either via our Indiegogo campaign or by clicking the donate button over on the official blog site, then you should have already received a special access pass to download 26 Martyrs for free, if you haven’t, then please email us at info@pixelrevolutionfilms.com and let us know.