We will soon start casting for a series of short films we’ve been commissioned to produce by Positive Edge Education, a company taking a ground breaking approach to education.

Each of the films will focus on pivotal moments in the lives of inspirational people who defied expectations or overcame incredible odds to achieve remarkable success.

With the scripts now complete, the production phase kicks off and we’re very excited with the ideas we have for this project!

Below is a brief introduction for each of the films along with concept posters:



Unlimited tells the incredible story of Wilma Rudolph who after contracting Polio as a child, defied the doctors that told her she would never walk again, without the aid of a leg-brace, to become “the fastest woman in the world” and the first American athlete to win three Gold medals in one Olympic Games.



Young Albert Einstein is a rebel, a free thinker at a time when the German education system does not allow individual thinking, or for a person to dream. But Albert is a dreamer. Things come to head when the resolutely free thinking Albert is expelled from school, just as his father’s business fails. But somehow, Albert finds the determination to not give up and in doing so becomes the world’s most celebrated genius whose dreams will one day revolutionise physics and change the way everyone sees the world forever.



Young Charles Darwin sets out to prove wrong his father’s opinion that he is an embarrassment to his family name and an utter failure. Embarking on a voyage to the other side of the world, his life will change forever, and he will return as one of the most important scientific men of his age – with a theory that rocks the world he left behind to its very foundations.

Casting for all films will begin in March.



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