As we prepare to film the next two in the series of six commissioned films for Positive Edge Education Ltd, we thought we’d publish a sneak peek at the first two films…



Actor James Bryhan brought the older Albert Einstein to life with the help of excellent make-up by Tania Ashworth. Long day, but great fun.

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again, as crucial as planning and preparation is before an intensive shoot, it’ll only take you so far without a great crew to back you up – thanks guys!


James Bryhan is Albert Einstein



Evolution was another brilliant day on set, working with a top quality cast.

Playing the role of the young Charles Darwin out to prove himself, is Edinburgh based actor Chris Bain and he did a wonderful job. Chris has another film due out this year, Shooting Clerks, check it out!


Chris Bain is Charles Darwin

Another stand out performance came in the shape of Carl Wharton as Robert Darwin, the father of Charles.

Carl Wharton as Robert Darwin, the father of Charles

Carl Wharton is Robert Darwin, the father of Charles


Philip Parnell is John Edmonstone -the man who inspired Charles Darwin to travel


Cameron Price is the even younger Charles Darwin

Of all the films in the series, Evolution is one of the most demanding in terms of FX work.

Alongside the usual virtual set-pieces and backgrounds required for a green-screen shoot, our script called for him to witness the age of the dinosaurs and the coming of the Ice Age.


It was great fun bringing a T-Rex back to life though!

Now it’s back to preparing for the next shoot, so keep watching this space! In the meantime, please take a few minutes to find out a bit more about Positive Edge Education and what these guys are doing  – it’ll change lives.