This weekend (June 6th and 7th) we will shoot the last in the series of films for Positive Edge Education.

Unlimited will tell the remarkable story of Olympic champion Wilma Rudolph, who overcame a severe childhood disability to become the first American athlete to win 3 consecutive gold medals at an Olympic Games and earn the title of “fastest woman in the world”.

Along with our co-producer Nigel Davey, we’re currently getting everything into place for the upcoming shoot, but in the meantime we thought we’d post some stills from our last shoot, Genius and Evolution Part Two.

As always a huge thanks to our crew for all their hard work and for going the extra mile.

We had four actors playing the part of Albert Einstein – starting with our youngest cast member, 4 year old Samuel Cuthbertson, who came down with his mom Jenny.

Samuel Cuthbertson as little Albert

Samuel Cuthbertson is little Albert

Adam Ali was next up as the 8 year old Albert – Adam was a natural in front of the cameras and was brilliant to work with, huge thanks to Alan Sharman for all his help with casting the children on this project.


Adam Ali is the 8 year old Albert

Mac Mackenzie harnessed the spirit of the young adult Albert with a sensitive and nuanced performance. Casting this role was so important and Mac delivered.

Mac Mackenzie as Albert Einstein

Mac Mackenzie is Albert Einstein

Once again, stepping into the role of the mature Einstein was James Bryhan.

Playing the part of Albert’s father was Guy Henry, a familiar face on British TV and film. It was a great privilege to work with such a seasoned actor.


Guy Henry is Hermann Einstein

Playing the part of Albert’s mother was Kelley Costigan whom we worked with on our first feature film, The 13th Day and she turned out another great performance!

Kelley Costigan as Albert's mother

Kelley Costigan is Albert’s mother, Pauline

Also a big thanks to Stuart Horobin on the cast front for delivering the goods as a rather scary teacher!

Evolution Part Two has a more mature Darwin explaining some of the science behind the “Growth Mind-set” principles at the heart of Positive Edge Education’s program.

Playing the part of the older Darwin was Roger Harding, an actor we’ve worked with on two previous films, The 13th Day and All That Remains. Roger is one of those actors you can just trust to turn in a good, solid performance and the moment he stepped into the studio in full make-up and costume, he was Charles Darwin!

Roger Harding is Charles Darwin

Roger Harding is Charles Darwin

The excellent make-up on this shoot, as with all the previous others, was the work of Tania Ashworth, and probably the most exciting moment of the day was seeing her transform Leo Ashizawa into a caveman!

Leo was our leading man in All That Remains and working with him on that was a true collaboration between artists, so we knew we’d have a part for him somewhere. But with his background in physical theatre, the role of a prehistoric caveman was a perfect fit. Leo is one of those actors who is always great fun to watch and he certainly made the scenes his own.

Leo Ashizawa as a caveman

Leo Ashizawa is a caveman

Speaking of All That Remains, we’ll be announcing the date for a cast and crew screening shortly after the upcoming shoot, so stay tuned for that!

It’s back to work now for us and with another strong cast lined up, we’re very excited!