Earlier this month shooting wrapped on the final short film in a series commissioned by Positive Edge Education.

Unlimited is the story of how a young girl, crippled by a bout of Polio, overcame her disability to become “the fastest woman in the world” and make history as the first American athlete to win three consecutive gold medals in a single Olympic Games.

Unlimited was the most intense of the three shoots, with the added logistics of shooting in various locations over the two day shoot, including a church and an athletic stadium.


Must give a shout out here to our co-producer Nigel Davey who did such an amazing job getting us the ingredients we needed in order to create our magic!

With several of the locations being outdoors, we were very lucky that the weather was perfect – with the exception of a spot of rain, we had glorious sunshine for the two days.

Once again we had a wonderful cast assembled. Unlimited has probably some of the most dramatic scenes of the entire series and our cast certainly delivered.

Playing the young Wilma is Robyn Mckinson. Robyn was a very professional actor and great to work with. She gave us some great scenes!

Robyn Mckinson is the young Wilma Rudolph

Robyn Mckinson is the young Wilma Rudolph

Playing the part of Blanche Rudolph, the mother of Wilma is Karlina Grace. Blanche was a huge inspiration and the main driving force for the young Wilma’s incredible recovery and she instilled in her the belief that she could achieve anything – for such an important role we spent a long time casting and watching actor’s show-reels.

Then we came across Karlina’s reel and knew she would be perfect in the role.

Karlina Grace is Blanche Rudolph

Karlina Grace is Blanche Rudolph

Stepping in to the iconic running shoes of the older Wilma Rudolph is Sophie Delora Jones. From the moment we saw her audition tape to the moment we wrapped, Sophie never failed to impress with a fantastic performance that we felt captured perfectly Wilma’s spirit.

Sophie Delora Jones is Wilma Rudolph

Sophie Delora Jones is Wilma Rudolph

Nicholas Newman plays the role of Coach Ed Temple, another huge influence and inspiration for the young Wilma, a kind of cross between father figure and drill sergeant. Nicholas got under the skin of this man with a brilliantly understated performance.

Nicholas Newman is Coach Temple

Nicholas Newman is Coach Temple

As with all our cast members on these short films, it’s been a real joy watching them breathe life into the pages of a script.

We’ve had so much support and generosity from people during the entire production of these films, that it would be remiss of us not to give mention to them in this blog…

The wonderful costumes, as with the previous two films in this series, were provided by Kay Wilton of the Birmingham Rep Theatre, thanks for everything Kay!

Wilma’s leg brace was made for us by Graham Melville of Melville and Nolan Orthotics – a huge thank you to Graham for all his hard work and generosity.

We had a great morning on the Sunday filming at Abbey Stadium in Redditch – huge thanks to the staff and management.

Directors Ian & Dominic Higgins with co-producer Nigel Davey and Sophie Delora Jones (Wilma) filming at Abbey Stadium

Big thanks also to St Trinities Centre for allowing us permission to film in their church and to turn their community centre into a film set for a few hours. And, because a well fed crew and cast is happy one, thanks to Beverly Davey for helping out with the food!

A very special thanks also to actor Guy Henry for his incredible generosity and finally, thanks to Mathew Baker and the staff at Hillscourt.