The Atomic Bomb in Japanese Cinema: Critical Essays is a “collection of new essays that explores the cultural aftermath of the bombings and its expression in Japanese cinema” with a special section on how Western film-makers have tackled the subject.

Edited by Mathew Edwards (Film Out of Bounds), the book is a fascinating and enlightening read that includes exclusive interviews with critically acclaimed directors Roger Spotiswoode (Hiroshima, Tomorrow Never Dies) and Steven Okazaki (White Light/Black Rain), oh and we’re very proud to say, a very in-depth interview with Ian and Dominic Higgins discussing All That Remains, which, in case you didn’t know, tells the life story of Nagasaki atomic bomb survivor and peace activist, Dr. Takashi Nagai.

Many thanks to Mathew Edwards for his interest in All That Remains and for including it in such an important addition to the library of film literature.

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