Directors  Dominic Higgins, Ian Higgins and producer Nigel Martin Davey with the cast of All That Remains. Photo credit: Masaichiro Moriyama

On Saturday 3rd September, we held the cast and crew screening of ALL THAT REMAINS. We had a big turn out, so a huge thanks to all that came. It was great to see some faces we haven’t seen in quite a while.

Among the guests were also many of the local Japanese community who gave up their free time to appear as extras in several key scenes, again, it was great to have the chance to say thank you to these guys and to show them what we’ve done.

We also had a special guest, a supporter of the film from our very early days of crowdfunding, Mr. Masaichiro Moriyama. After four years of emailing back and forth it was wonderful to get the opportunity to meet him face to face! Like all our supporters, we could not have made this film without his belief in us. Thank you Masaichiro!

Once again, thanks to our brilliant producer Nigel Martin Davey for helping organize the screening and for Matthew Baker and the staff at Hillscourt Hotel and Conference Centre


Yuna Shin, David Yip and Leo Ashizawa


Director Dominic Higgins, Leo Ashizawa (Dr. Nagai), Yuna Shin (Midori Nagai), David Yip (Noboru Nagai) and Director Ian Higgins


Wardrobe and catering star, Monica Price with leading man Leo Ashizawa.


Yuna Shin with hair stylist Nikki Reinking


The Nagai family reunited! Leo, David Meg Kubota (Tsumo Moriyama) Nicolas Lue-Fong (younger Makoto) and little Anna Kimura (younger Kayano).


Dominic, Antony and Ian Higgins


Debbie Mae Gordon, who plays the older Kayano Nagai


Leo with crew member Chris Wilmore


A few words before the film starts. Picture credit: Dan Woodward


Getting ready to watch the film. Photo credit: Masaichiro Moriyama



The first day of shooting – 4 years ago!

If you attended the screening and have any photos you’d like to share, post them on the Facebook Event page!

On Wednesday 14th Sept 2016 there was a charity screening of ALL THAT REMAINS at the Eclipse Cinema in Northern Ireland, Downpatrick.


Big thanks to John Breen for organising the Irish screening!

Below Producer Nigel Martin Davey talks about filming All That Remains in Birmingham, England, on BBC Radio.