7 DAYS picks up more Laurels as it makes official selections in two international film festivals.

We’re excited to announce that 7 DAYS has been chosen to compete at the 2019 Oniros Film Awards which will be a live televised event held on August 24th in Saint-Vincent, Italy.

Back in April we picked up the”Best Inspirational Film” in their monthly awards. This time we’re competing in the “Best Feature Film” category.

According to their official website:

The Oniros Film Awards® is all about Dreams (ὄνειρος = oneiros, dream in Greek language) and is conceived by Dreamers for Dreamers. It encourages filmmakers to “dream big always” and that’s certainly a philosophy we believe in!

7 DAYS has also made the official selection in the Indo Global International Film Festival in Mumbai, home to Asia’s Biggest Film Hub, Bollywood. In their own words the film festival is dedicated to supporting the filmmakers, “dream-weaver’s journey”. 

We’ll also be announcing another special public screening of 7 DAYS very soon – so stay tuned!