Making 7 DAYS – THE STORY OF “BLIND DAVE” HEELEY has certainly been a long journey. A journey that started over three years ago when our producer, Nigel Martin Davey first approached us with the idea of turning Dave’s incredible story into a film.

But more than just a journey, as every film should be, it’s also been a process of evolution for us as film-makers. Through the process of making this film, we experimented with our approach to working with actors, our reliance on storyboards and we’ve embraced new technology, particularly with our extensive use of smartphones to shoot several of the scenes.

So, as this journey finally comes to an end, we find ourselves even more excited than ever to begin all over again!

BBC West Midlands talk about the launch of 7 DAYS below:

Here’s a link to an article in the Express and Star  and Athletics Weekly on the release of the film.


There are so many people we are indebted to for their assistance and support, but in particular we would like to thank the Heeley family, the late Sir Doug Ellis, Tony Ellis, South and City College, Hillscourt Conference centre, Kay Wilton, Antony Bowater, Moondog Labs, BBC Midlands, Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Express and Star Newspaper and Sir Ranulph Fiennes.

7 DAYS – THE STORY OF BLIND DAVE HEEELY is now available for download at REELHOUSE.

The film is also available here with Audio Description for visually impaired viewers.