Our current short film, OF WOLVES AND MEN was made in association with Birmingham Dogs Home, in order to help promote the great work that they do for our four-legged friends.

Last Wednesday afternoon, we visited Birmingham Dogs Home to meet the guys who run the place. A big thanks to Fi Harrison and Rachel Frost for taking the time to show us around their wonderful premises.

Also joining us for the afternoon was Andy Wheelan. Andy is a member of the board of trustees for Birmingham Dogs home and he was instrumental in first introducing us. It was great to chat about future collaborations.

If you have the means, please do consider supporting the wonderful work they do in helping abandoned and abused dogs to find their forever homes.

From left to right, front row: Dominic Higgins, Dotty the Bulldog, Becca Bryant, Ian Higgins. Back row: Rachel Frost, Nigel Davey, Fi Harrison, Andy Wheelan. Photo credit: Jilly Rivers
Dotty enjoying the attention. Photo credit: Jilly Rivers
Photo credit: Jilly Rivers

The following afternoon at 12 pm, OF WOLVES AND MEN had its first showing on the big screen at a live movie event held at Birmingham Business Park. Huge thanks to Park Development manager Liz Allister!

In the audience was a very special ambassador for Birmingham Dogs Home, Reeva and she gave the movie a 5 paw review!

Rachel Frost with Reeva watching OF WOLVES AND MEN at the live cinema event in Birmingham Business Park.

OF WOLVES AND MEN is available on YouTube and is free to watch.