On the 12th and 13th of October, we were based in Evesham. The local hotel had been taken over by cast and crew, as joining the team were actors Chris Kaye, Jonathon Cobb, Rafe Bird, Blake Heaven and Mark Kitto.    

The location was Ashdown Military camp and we were there to film Bren’s Spitfire training at RAF Montrose and the first scenes involving 452 Australian Squadron.

And there’s no doubting the star of the weekend was our leading lady, MK805  – a hand built Spitfire, nearly 30 years in the making and constructed out of original spitfire parts. Sitting inside the cockpit was literally like taking a ride back in time.

Above: Producers John Dawson and Nigel Martin Davey with the iconic MK805

The first shoot of the weekend involved Bren’s initial Spitfire Training at RAF Montrose and actor Mark Kitto gave a wonderfully authentic and nuanced performance as Group Captain Hallings-Pott, perfectly capturing that old school Military persona.

Above: Mark Kitto as Group Captain Hallings-Pott

Introducing 452 squadron

Joining us on set were VIPs John Donavon and David Goldstein from RAF Hornchurch Heritage Centre and their arrival was marked by a spitfire that flew overhead! Pure serendipity or a sign that somewhere up there, Spitfire Paddy is looking down on us?

We all certainly took it as a good omen.

Above: John Donavon and David Goldstein, from RAF Hornchurch Heritage Centre with directors Ian and Dominic Higgins and producers Nigel Martin Davey and John Dawson.
Above: Group Captain Willie Hackett MBE steps in front of the camera for a cameo.

It was also a privilege to have Group Captain Willie Hackett MBE join us on the Saturday. As a serving RAF officer and experienced spitfire pilot, Willie’s experience and knowledge was vital in guiding us through the scenes we were shooting.

Rounding off the VIP’s was Glenn  from 101 Films International.

Thanks to Ashdown Military Camp for use of the location.