November 19th saw us back at Avoncroft Museum to work on another scene with actress Emily Outred as Mrs Finucane. Also joining the cast on this day was Charlie Boswell, who we last worked with on 7 DAYS- THE STORY OF BLIND DAVE HEELEY, where he played the part of young Dave.

Above: Make up artist Rafaela Mateus getting Charlie Boswell ready before a take.

It was great to work with Charlie again and Emily turned out yet another wonderful performance. On top of it all, the weather turned out to be perfect once again for us.

The following day we were shooting at our regular filming base at Hillscourt hotel and conference centre in the Lickey Hills.

Shane O’Regan was back in front of camera as Brendan “Paddy” Finucane and was joined once more by the lads of 452 squadron, Chris Kaye, Jonathon Cobb and Max Robson.

Also re-joining the cast was Sophia Eleni as Nurse Grace and Carl Wharton as Group Captain Mallory.

The final day of this block of filming took place at a home that had been converted into a 1940’s living history museum.

A lifelong passion of Steve and Kathy Cashmore, the house was the perfect setting for the scene we were shooting. Steve and Kathy have been so incredibly generous and helpful throughout our shoot, not only allowing us to film in their wonderful 1940s house (which involved them having to reorganize the setup of the room we were using) but often coming to the rescue in the props and costume department. We consider them an invaluable part of the team!

This shoot saw Bethany Billy return, playing the part of Jean Woolford, Brendan’s fiancé. Also joining the cast was Sara Dee and Bryan Reynolds in the roles of Mr and Mrs Woolford, Jean’s concerned parents.

Above: Bethany Billy with Bryan Reynolds and Sara Dee. Photo credit: Rafaela Mateus.

November 26th saw us back at Ashdown military camp in Evesham setting up for a big shoot the following day, which would be all scenes centred around Bren and 452 squadron. So, joining us, bright and early on the 27h, was Shane O’Regan, Chris Kaye, Jonathan Cobb, Rafe Bird, Blake Heaven and Max Robson.

It was great to see the guys really bringing their roles to life and bounce off each other in character in such amazing and authentic set pieces.

Once again, our crew did an amazing job too on what was a very long and cold shoot. The importance of having a crew who are willing to go the extra mile, really does make all the difference.

Our final shoot this side of the Christmas break was in December 13th and took place at the Goodwood Aerodrome, just outside Chichester. The Aerodrome has a full-size Spitfire cockpit simulator, and that was the reason we were there.

As was the case with the MK805 replica Spitfire that we used to shoot scenes back in October, the simulator is made from real Spitfire parts.

Nigel Coverwell, the simulator instructor, met us there the day before the shoot and showed us around the facilities which included a walk around a hanger where real spitfires are rebuilt!

Above: Director Dominic Higgins and Producer John Dawson with Nigel Coverwell

Following Nigel’s suggestion, directors, Ian and Dominic Higgins also had a go in the simulator, so they would better understand what it was like to fly a real spitfire.

The following day, actor Shane O’Regan and the rest of the crew were all in place to get some amazing footage of our main character actually, to all intents and purposes, flying a spitfire for real.

Above: Simulator instructor Nigel talks through a manoeuvre with actor Shane O’Regan.

Nigel was so welcoming and enthusiastic on both days we were there, it was a real pleasure working with him and it must surely rank as one of the most incredible experiences of this film so far.

Thanks to Mathew and Marion from Hillscourt, Steve and Kathy Cashmore, the staff at Avoncroft Museum and Nigel from the Goodwood Aerodrome.

A very special thanks to Kay Wilton for all her help with the costumes!

We’ll be winding down for a very short break over Christmas.