After a short break in filming, it’s back, all guns blazing, with a series of filming blocks for The Shamrock Spitfire scheduled over March and April.

Our first two shoots took place at Cofton Hall, a magnificent “grade 2” listed building, officially dated back to the 14th Century.

Cofton Hall was recently purchased by Ed and Eva Shah and is one of those locations that is more than just a stunning backdrop to a scene, it’s a setting with character. Both Ed and Eva were also incredibly patient and understanding during what turned out to be one our longest shoot days. It was such a pleasure to film there over the course of the two weeks.

It was also a pleasure to be working once again with Eoin Lynch, playing Andy Finucane, father of Brendan and Bethany Billy as Jean Woolford, both joining Shane O’Regan as Brendan and Chris Kaye (Bluey Truscott) on the first shoot.

Also joining the cast on this shoot was Eleanor Griffiths in a small role, We last worked with Eleanor on 7 Days – The Story of Blind Dave Heeley.

The second weekend, it was another reunion for 452 Squadron, with Rafe Bird, Jonathan Cobb, Blake Heaven and Max Robson joining Chris Kaye and Shane O’Regan. Also joining the cast on this day as fellow 452 members, were Reggie McHale and Robert Salathiel. Both Reggie and Robert are historical reenactors in their spare time and served as historical advisors too.

Cofton Hall was an incredible location, with so much history, Ed even took a few of us on a short tour after we wrapped on our final day filming there! A huge thank you to both Ed and Eva Shah for your generosity and patience.

Our next shoot was scheduled a week later, on St. Patrick’s Day, and we were heading back to Ash Down Camp, for what would be our most intensive shoot to date. But that is the subject of another blog.