Yesteday was National Dog Day and to mark the occasion, we released our short film, OF WOVES AND MEN, which imagines how humans and dogs first became the best of friends.

We were delighted to produce the film in association with Birmingham Dog’s Home. If you have the means, please do consider supporting the wonderful work they do.

OF WOLVES AND MEN is available on YouTube and is free to watch.


We’ve always said limitations are essential for creativity, and are very often the genesis for some of the very best ideas we have as filmmakers.

However, in the current situation of a national lockdown, with its ultra-strict limitations on human interaction, making a film, even a short one, would seem to be an impossible task.

But it was perhaps because of this seemingly impossible set of limitations that we felt the creative urge to make one.

We decided on a short film that would be connected  to the feature project we currently have in development, Fleur, which tells the story of a rescue dog. So, it had to be dog themed.

We’ve always been fascinated by how humans and dogs became the best of friends, so it didn’t take us long to decide on what the film would be about…

OF WOLVES AND MEN tells the story of an imaginary first encounter between humans and wolves and how this meeting would change both species forever.

Watch the trailer below:

To make the film we mixed specially created CG animated sequences and illustrations with stock footage and outtakes from two previous films we had shot, All That Remains and Evolution.

Actor Leo Ashizawa in make-up to play a prehistoric man for our short film Evolution.

Actor Leo Ashizawa in make-up to play a prehistoric man for our short film Evolution.

We were very excited to cast Peter Egan as the narrator of the film (thanks to our amazing producer Nigel Martin Davey). As well as being a respected actor and very well known face on TV (staring in shows such as Downtown Abbey and After Life), Peter is a passionate animal rights activist, so we felt he was the perfect choice from the moment we started penning the script.

We are also very pleased to be able to use the film to raise awareness and support the great work done by Birmingham Dogs Home. Please do check out their website and consider lending your support.

Below are some stills from the film:

A huge thank you to Tony Ellis, Sally Humphreys Wood and Andrew Whelan and Rachel Frost of Birmingham Dog’s Home, and of course, special thank you to Peter Egan, Leo Ashizawa and Kanae and Anna Kimura for helping make the film possible!

Watch this space for news on when OF WOLVES AND MEN will be released.



As we prepare to film the next two in the series of six commissioned films for Positive Edge Education Ltd, we thought we’d publish a sneak peek at the first two films…



Actor James Bryhan brought the older Albert Einstein to life with the help of excellent make-up by Tania Ashworth. Long day, but great fun.

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again, as crucial as planning and preparation is before an intensive shoot, it’ll only take you so far without a great crew to back you up – thanks guys!


James Bryhan is Albert Einstein



Evolution was another brilliant day on set, working with a top quality cast.

Playing the role of the young Charles Darwin out to prove himself, is Edinburgh based actor Chris Bain and he did a wonderful job. Chris has another film due out this year, Shooting Clerks, check it out!


Chris Bain is Charles Darwin

Another stand out performance came in the shape of Carl Wharton as Robert Darwin, the father of Charles.

Carl Wharton as Robert Darwin, the father of Charles

Carl Wharton is Robert Darwin, the father of Charles


Philip Parnell is John Edmonstone -the man who inspired Charles Darwin to travel


Cameron Price is the even younger Charles Darwin

Of all the films in the series, Evolution is one of the most demanding in terms of FX work.

Alongside the usual virtual set-pieces and backgrounds required for a green-screen shoot, our script called for him to witness the age of the dinosaurs and the coming of the Ice Age.


It was great fun bringing a T-Rex back to life though!

Now it’s back to preparing for the next shoot, so keep watching this space! In the meantime, please take a few minutes to find out a bit more about Positive Edge Education and what these guys are doing  – it’ll change lives.



In just a few days time, filming will get underway for the first of our short films commissioned by Positive Edge Education.

We had an overwhelming response to our casting calls and the quality of actors that applied made for a very tough decision but we’re very excited to be working with the selected cast!

As always, pre shoot is pre-planning and pre-visualising, so among other duties such as scheduling we’ve been burning the midnight oil on bringing the visual aspect of the script to life.

The visual aspect is always something we spend a lot of time developing and as with our feature film All That Remains we’re looking to blur the lines of live action and animation with these films to create a unique visual look.

Below are some of the storyboards and pre-visual art for the upcoming shoot  – Evolution and iSTEIN.






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26 Martyrs

26 Martyrs: pre-order your copy now!

26 Martyrs

26 Martyrs – Animated short

Our animated short 26 Martyrs is now available for pre-order online, via VOD (video on demand) over at Reelhouse – an online video distribution platform for independent film-makers.

26 Martyrs tells the story of how 26 men and boys were condemned to be crucified in Nagasaki by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the absolute ruler of Japan in 1597.

Fr. Paul Glynn, author of A Song For Nagasaki, had this to say about our film, “An heroic saga that stirs hearts”.

The short is a kind of prequel to our feature project, All That Remains, as the story of the martyrs had a profound effect on our main character, Takashi Nagai.

26 Martyrs

26 Martyrs

VOD has been an area we have been keen to explore for some time and we’re excited to now finally have the chance, so head over to our corner at Reelhouse and check it out for yourself, better yet, place a pre-order for your copy of 26 Martyrs!

You can also check out an extra short film The Yellow River, for free!

The Yellow River

If you pledged $40 or more either via our Indiegogo campaign or by clicking the donate button over on the official blog site, then you should have already received a special access pass to download 26 Martyrs for free, if you haven’t, then please email us at info@pixelrevolutionfilms.com and let us know.

New Year… New projects…


Well, our year gets off to a buzzing start with the completion of one major project and the commencement of several new ones.

Our feature All That Remains is currently being sound mixed and we’re now busy getting things in place for a cast and crew screening – keep watching this space!

We’re also putting the finishing touches on our animated short 26 Martyrs and will being releasing it via V.O.D very soon

On the client front, we’ve begun work on a series of short films for Positive Edge Education – a company taking a ground breaking and inspiring approach to education and we’re really excited with the ideas we’ve already discussed – a blend of drama, facts and inspiration with a real wow factor. We are currently working on the scripts and the concept art.


Concept art for Positive Edge Education

But what about any new film projects? Well… we have also been developing two other feature projects, but these will be kept under wraps for a while yet. However, if you’re interested in the possibility of investing in our next feature film (and why wouldn’t you be?), then email us here and we’ll let you in on what we’ve been working on.